Thursday, 25 March 2010

Psych Crackle & Pop Volume 10

Trip to a fair
1. We Don’t Care  Hubert Thomas Valverde & The Ht’s
2. Three’s a crowd    Evergreen Blues
3. Trip to a fair   Baris Manco & Kaygisizlar
4.Machines   Herbal Mixture
5. Wildflowers   Holy Mackeral
6. Bring your own self down  The Purple Gang 
7. Soulin  The Leather Boy
8. Raggedy Ann  John Randolph Marr
9. Montage Mirror Roger Nichols & the Small Circle of Friends
10. Imagination   Cherry People
11. Cos it’s over    The Summer set
12. French girl   Daily Flash
13. Tryin to get to you   Bill Wendry & The Boss Tweeds
14. Alice  Jon Plum
15. Churchyard   Odyssey
16. Cataleptic   Colours
17. Think Big   Rust Underground
18. Day In the Sun   The Fragile Lime
19. Das hast mich   Howard Carpendale
20. Why Don’t You Follow Me   Mighty Joe Young
21. The Red Sox Are Winning   Earth Opera
22. Bargain Day  Terry Britten 
23. Live Like A Lady   The Remo Four
24. Follow Us   Summerhill


Monday, 8 March 2010


Hello All
Here's the next installment of my psych series. There never seems to be a particular theme when putting these things together. But for some reason this volume seems to contain a higher than average quota of top quality psych power pop. Tracks of note are the storming version by Sweet Marriage of the Left Banke's Desiree, The timeless 'Im about to lose my mind' by Airbus. The pop perfection of 'Darlin you can count on me by The Everpresent Fullness'. 

Although my personal favourite is an american homage to the very English pastime of of heavy Cider drinking. 

Thanks for all the kind comments by e-mail. Vol 10 coming shortly.

Thanks to Johnny Laws 'The Disco Farce'. (see you at Cash Converters)

PSYCH CRACKLE POP Vol 9 (Comin on strong)

1. Music Ship   Bastille
2. Saynia   Turquoise
3. Apple Cider   King James & The Royals
4. I Found You   TOPS
5. Slow Motion   The Magicians
6. Cornflake Zoo   Andy Ellison
7. You Know He Did   Mary McCarthy
8. In A Dream Of Silent Seas   Smokey & His Sister
9. Desiree   Sweet Marriage
10. Shadow Man   Schadel
11. Garden Of The Queen   Mr Flood’s Party
12. Slow Motion Mind   The Tower
13. Ill Wind   Morgan
14. I,M About To Lose My Mind   Airbus
15. Little Girl, Little Boy   Odyssey
16. I Don´t Wanna Drive You Away 3´s A Crowd
17. Dream With Me   Andy Foray
18. My Girlfriend Is a Witch   October Country
19. E.S.P   Giant Crab
20. Darlin’ You Can Count On Me   The Everpresent Fullness
21. Seek And You Find   The Fox
22. comin on strong   Tony Ritchie
23. Dream Magazine   Svensk
24. Paint it black   Marie Laforet
25. Similitude   Elizabeth

Compiled mixed and cover
by bobbypsych1 for Bar Six. 

the link is