Sunday, 14 November 2010


Voice of change...
1. Yves   The Spiders
2. P.S Call me lulu   Primrose Circus
3. Gotta find a place   Thomas & Richard Frost
4 They say   Les 409
5. Collections of recollections   Barry Mason
6. Councilman Jones   Music Fair
7. Olga Selzer   Bernard Chabert
8. Guess Ill let you go   Glass Family
9.You¹ll be sorry someday   The Kitchen cinq
10. The running Mr so & so   The Megas
11. Goin down   Bluebird
12. Grey man   Paper Blitz Tissue
13. Same old road   The Sorrows
14. Cotton candy weekend   The Revelation
15. Up so high   Whats new
16. Voice of change   Mason Proffit
17. Green catherdral   Eastern Time Zone
18. Love machine   Harper & Rowe
19. Roses   Don Craine¹s New Downliners Sect
20. For a long time   The Tropics
21. In a funny sort of way   The Robbs
22. I saw you   Gold
23. Im tired again   Zendik
24. Dawning of the day   Malcolm Holland