Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Litte bit of a Shangri La
1. The Third Eye  The Dovers
2. Little Bit Of Shangri La  Our Plastic Dream
3. Next To Your Fire  The Pack
4. House Of Painted Glass   The Sandals
5. Ballad Of The Bad Guys (1956 A.D.)  Faine Jade
6. Emilys vacation   Jake Holmes
7. Its a dream.  The Summer Set 
8. One Hour Cleaners   Blue Things
9. Can You See Me   Picadilly Line
10. Long way home  Axis
11.Children Of Tomorrow  Mike Stuart Span
12. Visions  Lavender Hill Express
13.Wild Bill Hickock Rides Again  The Open Window
14. Woodstock - Turquoise
15. Land of Sensations & Delights  J.K & Co
16. Freak Street   Roy Harper
17.Baby Dear   The Wildflower
18 Good Job With Prospects   Actress
19. Don’t You Ever Want to Think About Them  Bear
20. Black Mass  Jason Crest
21. The Birthday  Idle Race
22.  White Paper Sail   Smubbs
23. Hey Gyp  The Soul Survivors
24. Italian Fuzz  Burt Bacharach
25. Second Glance - The End (AKA Timothy Grass)

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  1. Hi...thanks for your visit & link.
    VERY VERY interesting comps here!..Just great!!!
    Keep it that way...linked you.
    Best, Georgie++++