Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Up down turn around world

1. Up Down Turn Around World Neighbourhood Children
2. Roger The Rocket Ship
Bob Markley & WCPAEB
3. Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled T
he Growing Concern
4. Inside people
5 Don’t Go Away
Margo Guryan
6. Flashing Lights
Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends
7. Amphetamine Gazelle
Mad River
8. The Ballad Of The Soon Departed
O’hara’s Playboys
9. Psychiatric Case
Dead Sea Fruit
10. Grounded
The Syn
11. Deadly nightshade
Pattersons People
12. Bottom of the soul
The Bonniwell music machine
13. Hotel Indiscreet
14. Ryan five
The Calliope
15. Six Summers Back
Gothic Horizon
16. Man In The Moon
17. Am I The Red One?
Mick Sofetly & The Summer suns
18. Seven North Frederick
Ellie Pop
19. Welcome To Hollywood
Asylum Choir
20. Melancholia (demo)
The Who
21. Together
The Illusion
22. Now
The Paisleys
23. Maxines parlour
Bill Fay & honeybus
24. Lydia Purple
Dunn and McCashen
25. The Town I’d Like To Go Back To
Cryan’ Shames
26. Left Banke Coke Ad

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