Friday, 4 June 2010

Psych Crackle & Pop vol 14

Great Shakes
1. Song on a may morning   The Canterbury Fair
2. I can see through you   Episode Six
3.Get away   Whats new
4. Hey conductor   Sonny Flaherty and the Mark V
5. Green eyes, green world The Flying circus
6. Thats when happiness began  Mike Furber and the Bowery boys
7. I can see her face   Kippington Lodge
8. What do you do   The Bonzo Dog Band
9. Feeling lost   The Rationals
10. Swallow the sun   The Love Exchange
11. How could you say   The Wards of Court
12. My world in wax   Brain Police
13. Garage man The Gods
14. Telegraph is calling   Pawnshop
15. Hiding behind my smile  Los Iberos
16. The big bright green pleasure machine  Joyride
17. Kathy’s dream  The Looking Glass
18. Marcia   Now
19. It must have been the wind   The Fun and games commission
20. Mr Reference man   The Chatteaux
21.Baby Ive got news for you   Miller
22. Parade of uncertainty The Ragamuffins
23. Great shakes !  The Yardbirds
Compiled, mixed and cover by Bobbypsych1

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  1. great compa and blog ! this is my

  2. Hi, I've been enjoying your blog/posts....any chance of a re-post of volume #5, for purposes of completeness? I've DL'd it 2x and seems to be corrupted or something...regardless, thanks for all you do, keep up the good work

  3. Thanks for letting me know about your great blog and thanks for all of your efforts. I'm looking forward to lots of good listening. I added a link to you from my site. All the best.

  4. Hi Big Scott
    I too DL volume5.Got the same message.However used RARexractfrog program (free software) and although you get the corrupt message it DL and opens OK here.Just checked and the tracks sound fine.Hope this helps