Friday, 11 December 2009


This 1st volume contains some of my all time faves. Including the creepy 'I like by Kaplan. The power-pop baroque of Tell me more by The David from 67. The awkward mini masterpiece Never mind by Elli. The dance craze 'The Rake' which is pretty difficult to dance to. 

The most insane and wonderful moment belongs to Calmilly by The Mission (The b-side is even freakier). Any information about this band in any form would be great.

2 strong albums of note are The Beethoven Soul and Bob Markleys 'A group' LP (which is technically the last album by The West Coast Pop Art Experiment Band)

Many will be familiar with a lot of the tracks on this comp. But its a nice intro to the series....

Heres the tracklist and link
Bobs Psych, Crackle & Pop 1 Come on in
1. Walking through the streets of my mind
Beethoven Soul
2 Tell Me More
The David
3 Make The Madness Stop
Free Design
4. Feelings
The Grass Roots
5 Never Mind
6 Sunshine Psalm
Cryan’ Shames
7 Dougal
Bulldog Breed
8 Your Way To Tell Me Go
Plastic Penny
9 Calmilly
The Mission
10 Super Market
11 I Like
12 Sarah The Sad Spirit
Bob Markley & The WCPAEB
13 The Rake
The Id
14 Somewhere Friday Night
The Turtles
15 Não Vá Se Perder por Aí
Os Mutantes
16 Bus Stop
Graham Gouldman
17 Come on In
The Music Machine
18 Red Chalk Hill
John Pantry
19 I had the Notion
The Sound Solution
20 Miss Jones
The Herd
21 Blue Horizon
The Lords
22 Sadie Lavone
C.A. Quintet
23 Swinger
Third Rail
24 She Was Perfection
Murray Head
25 The Devil Has Possession Of Your Mind
Flying Machine
26 Tell Me to My Face
The Hollies
27 Green Circles (Italian Version)
Small Faces
28. Teen Tonic
Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier

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  1. Great site - very well put togther compilations. Obviously a labour of love. Thanks for the great mix of the well known and the obscure.