Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Litte bit of a Shangri La
1. The Third Eye  The Dovers
2. Little Bit Of Shangri La  Our Plastic Dream
3. Next To Your Fire  The Pack
4. House Of Painted Glass   The Sandals
5. Ballad Of The Bad Guys (1956 A.D.)  Faine Jade
6. Emilys vacation   Jake Holmes
7. Its a dream.  The Summer Set 
8. One Hour Cleaners   Blue Things
9. Can You See Me   Picadilly Line
10. Long way home  Axis
11.Children Of Tomorrow  Mike Stuart Span
12. Visions  Lavender Hill Express
13.Wild Bill Hickock Rides Again  The Open Window
14. Woodstock - Turquoise
15. Land of Sensations & Delights  J.K & Co
16. Freak Street   Roy Harper
17.Baby Dear   The Wildflower
18 Good Job With Prospects   Actress
19. Don’t You Ever Want to Think About Them  Bear
20. Black Mass  Jason Crest
21. The Birthday  Idle Race
22.  White Paper Sail   Smubbs
23. Hey Gyp  The Soul Survivors
24. Italian Fuzz  Burt Bacharach
25. Second Glance - The End (AKA Timothy Grass)


New Day and Age
1. No
Rainbow folly
2. Eagle’s Son
The Pretty Things
3. Sit Down I Think I Love You
The Growing Concern
4. (Who Planted Thorns In)
Miss Alice’s Garden? Explosive
5. Machines
Manfred Mann
6. Pass’ Port
Los Brincos
7. Chalk on the wall
Fairfield Parlour
8. Horses on a stick
Judy Henske & Jerry Yester
9. Let Earth Be The Name
The Way We Live
10. I Wonder
The Bubble Gum Machine
11. Catherines Wheel
Denny Laine
12. Flim Flam Man
Easy Touch
13 Midspring Dithering
Roy Harper
14. My New Day and Age
The Mindbenders
15. Finding It Rough
Hat And Tie
16. Digger
The Enw Generation
17. Beeside
Tintern Abbey
18. Hey you
The Universals
19. Where In My Mind
Pesky Gee
20. My Degeneration
The Eyes
21. Let Her Come In
Sapphire Thinkers
22. Rosemary’s Bluebell Day
Picadilly Line
23. Nightmares
The Gass Company
24. Any Other Baby
Family Tree
25. Baby, Let Me Show You Where I Live
26. Lemonade Kid


Up down turn around world

1. Up Down Turn Around World Neighbourhood Children
2. Roger The Rocket Ship
Bob Markley & WCPAEB
3. Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled T
he Growing Concern
4. Inside people
5 Don’t Go Away
Margo Guryan
6. Flashing Lights
Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends
7. Amphetamine Gazelle
Mad River
8. The Ballad Of The Soon Departed
O’hara’s Playboys
9. Psychiatric Case
Dead Sea Fruit
10. Grounded
The Syn
11. Deadly nightshade
Pattersons People
12. Bottom of the soul
The Bonniwell music machine
13. Hotel Indiscreet
14. Ryan five
The Calliope
15. Six Summers Back
Gothic Horizon
16. Man In The Moon
17. Am I The Red One?
Mick Sofetly & The Summer suns
18. Seven North Frederick
Ellie Pop
19. Welcome To Hollywood
Asylum Choir
20. Melancholia (demo)
The Who
21. Together
The Illusion
22. Now
The Paisleys
23. Maxines parlour
Bill Fay & honeybus
24. Lydia Purple
Dunn and McCashen
25. The Town I’d Like To Go Back To
Cryan’ Shames
26. Left Banke Coke Ad

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Psych, Crackle & Pop 3 Search the Sky
1. I don’t mind Fat Mattress
2. Electric Star Bow Street Runners
3. Trouble Marks And Lebzelter
4. Blood Of Oblivion The Rainy Daze
5. Iron works Elyse
6. Secret Virgin Sleep
7. Fade it fade out The Pleasure Fair
8. I’m Not Living Here Sagittarius
9. Turquise tandem cycle Jason Crest
10. Let The Truth Come Out The Sugar Shoppe
11. Good As Gold The Cups
12. I See Her Face Hudson Bay Co
13. valley of sadness Aphrodite’s child
14. Shades Of Blue Darius
15. Evenings Child Savage Rose
16. Speed Kills The Beacon Street Union
17. When She Comes To Stay Skip Bifferty
18. Venetian Glass Infinity
19. The Murder Of Lewis Tollani Kaleidoscope (UK)
20. emily on a sunday Clapham Junction
21. Search the Sky The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
22. Well Wired Daughters of Albion
23. Sorry Mr Green. The Waltham Green East Wapping Carpet
Cleaning Rodent And Boggit Exterminating Association

24. I cannot stop you The Cherry Slush
25. Hallucinations Tomorrow
26. Better way The Rainbow Press
27. Mr sun Sound Vendor
28. Moby Grape - 1st LP Promo Spot

Link (Folder with mp3 and inlay)

Friday, 11 December 2009


Psych Crackle and Pop 2 Elevated Obsevations
1. In The Past We The People
2. Sunday Morning Margo Guryan
3. Meditations Felius Andromeda
4. Elevated Observations? The Hollies
5. Tinkerbell’s Mind The Glitterhouse
6. Know You Kensington Market
7 House Of Collection Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit and Greenhill
8. If I had a ribbon bow Fairport convention
9. How’s Ya Pa Jawbone
10. Im An Angel (But I Can’t Fly) Amen Corner
11. Twilight Woman 49th Parallel
12 Rupert White Eternity’s Children
13 I Think I Need The Cash The Secrets
14. Chocolate Sue The Moan
15. Dissimilitude Elizabeth
16. Seeing with love The Tages
17. Hear In Here The Association
18. Garden of Earthly delights United States of America
19. When the wind arises Rokes
20. Mind In A Bottle The Sound Set
21. Lanternlight Peter & Wolves
22. Hour Girl The Rites
23. Boil The Kettle, Mother The Id
24 Quem Tem Medo De Brincar De Amor Os Mutantes
25. l must be mad Craig
26. Why are we sleeping Soft Machine



This 1st volume contains some of my all time faves. Including the creepy 'I like by Kaplan. The power-pop baroque of Tell me more by The David from 67. The awkward mini masterpiece Never mind by Elli. The dance craze 'The Rake' which is pretty difficult to dance to. 

The most insane and wonderful moment belongs to Calmilly by The Mission (The b-side is even freakier). Any information about this band in any form would be great.

2 strong albums of note are The Beethoven Soul and Bob Markleys 'A group' LP (which is technically the last album by The West Coast Pop Art Experiment Band)

Many will be familiar with a lot of the tracks on this comp. But its a nice intro to the series....

Heres the tracklist and link
Bobs Psych, Crackle & Pop 1 Come on in
1. Walking through the streets of my mind
Beethoven Soul
2 Tell Me More
The David
3 Make The Madness Stop
Free Design
4. Feelings
The Grass Roots
5 Never Mind
6 Sunshine Psalm
Cryan’ Shames
7 Dougal
Bulldog Breed
8 Your Way To Tell Me Go
Plastic Penny
9 Calmilly
The Mission
10 Super Market
11 I Like
12 Sarah The Sad Spirit
Bob Markley & The WCPAEB
13 The Rake
The Id
14 Somewhere Friday Night
The Turtles
15 Não Vá Se Perder por Aí
Os Mutantes
16 Bus Stop
Graham Gouldman
17 Come on In
The Music Machine
18 Red Chalk Hill
John Pantry
19 I had the Notion
The Sound Solution
20 Miss Jones
The Herd
21 Blue Horizon
The Lords
22 Sadie Lavone
C.A. Quintet
23 Swinger
Third Rail
24 She Was Perfection
Murray Head
25 The Devil Has Possession Of Your Mind
Flying Machine
26 Tell Me to My Face
The Hollies
27 Green Circles (Italian Version)
Small Faces
28. Teen Tonic
Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier

Thursday, 10 December 2009


Welcome to my amateur and ramshackle blog.
The aim of this blog is upload my ongoing psych compilation project.

Rather than simply uploading compilations I thought Id present my own.
These are not meant to be throughly researched specific comps in the vain of 'Midwest Garage bands Fuzz frenzy Jan 66' or 'English baroque canterbury psych vol 5'

These compilations include the full range of good psych from anywhere of any style between 1965-71. The title Psych, crackle and pop is a pretty accurate description of the contents. Apologies if the selection is random and wide. My only criteria is great music that I enjoy from pops most fertile era.

Dont expect any Grateful Dead wig-outs or tedious rock operas. As Ive always believed that side of 'Psychedelia' was the the beginning of the end...

For your listening pleasure all the tracks have been balanced and tweaked for continuity.
(e.g. If a track as virtually no bass, then a little is added)

There isn't a end to series. Im a busy chap so I will just keep adding to the site as and when I can. Will start with 6 volumes.

Would love hear comments and suggestions. I hope these comps act as samplers of the bands included so people go out and investigate their back catalogue.