Sunday, 8 May 2011


No place Id rather be
1. Mary Jane is to love   Sweet Smoke 
2. Zig Zag man   Owen B 
3. Keep it cool   Francis Lai 
4. Universal vagrant   The Chords Five 
5. Orizzonti Lontani   Alluminogeni 
6. Do that again   Geoffrey Stevens 
7. No place id rather be   The Factory (US) 
8. Ha lese di khanna   The New Life 
9. Song for Alice   Mark Fry 
10. Darkness fills my lonely heart
     Sounds of Modification 
11. You got it    The Haigs 
12. Easter dog   Mock Duck 
13. Le Responsable   Jacques Dutronc 
14. Woman youre breaking me   The Groop 
15. Late night final       The Flashbacks 
16. Whisper words   The Staccatos 
17. Wait till the summer    The Illusions 
18. Love me when Im down   Soul Inc 
19. In the first place   The Remo Four 
20. Mr Deal   JC Heavy 
21. Mrs Griffith    Rubber Maze 
22. No good without you    The Birds (Aus 69) 
23. My life with you   Sons of Man 
24. Light on the wall    The Happy Vegetable 
25. Mr Misfortune   Staff 
26. Twisted track   Pete Brown and his Battered Ornaments

special thanks to The North East Beast and Joss Hutton