Friday, 30 July 2010


PSYCH CRACKLE & POP 16   66-71
Get the message...
1. Isha   Chris & Craig
2. Youre wrong   The Electric Company
3. L ‘idole des jaunes   Stella
4. Get the message   Cyrus Erie
5. Voice from the inner soul   The Confusions
6 Listen to the lyrics of the song   The Shoes
7. Crazy man   Josefus                    
8. Can you travel in the dark alone   Gandalf
9. Long and lonesome road   The Shocking Blue
10. Sunny day blue   Fargo
11. Mirrors   Transatlantic Railroad
12. One ring Jane   Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck
13. She is love   Butch Engle & The Styx
14. God is alive in Argentina   Doppler Effect
15. Savage lost   Kollektion
16. Meshkalina   Traffic Sound
17. Swimming   Wildwoods
18. Mothers homesick too   The Fallen Angels
19. One way street   Trane
20. Youre all alone   Tucky Buzzard
22. I dig your mind   The Nervous Breakdowns
23. Mad John’s escape   Julie Felix
24. Remember the times   The Expression
25. The girl I knew   The Savage Rose

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PSYCH CRACKLE & DANCE - Special edition

This is a random special. Its (almost) a non-stop Psych discoteque experience. 3 of the tracks have appeared on my other comps but they were too good not to include. 

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Up all night...
1. Intro   David Rubinson
2. Red Purple & Blue   The Bag
3. Tap footer   The Mohawks
4. Send me a postcard   The Shocking Blue
5. House on soul Hill   Gainsborough Gallery *
6. Let yourself go another time   Wendy & Bonnie *
7. Bogattini   The 4 instants
8. I wonder who    Aguaturbia
9. The letter   The Mops *
10. Hunky Dory   Rob Franken Organization
11. Get out my life woman   Ant Trip Ceremony
12. Junk    The Roulettes
13. Baby get your head screwed on    Double Feature
14. Lady orange peel   The Attack
15. Tell the world we’re not in   The Peddlers
16. Two to make a pair   The Strangers
17. Up all night   SRC
18. Elephant man   Bo Diddley *
19. Dont start breaking it up   The Soul Agents
20. I know what her name is   Simons secrets
21. Self made god    The Brigade
22. Coming down   The United States Of America  *
23. Dont let tomorrow get you down   Bob Downes *
24. Trouble   Marks And Lebzelter
25. We love you (Backing track) Rolling Stones
26. Nevrose   Jaques Denjean

Tracks marked with * have been remixed for greater discoteque power 

Thanks to Sarah Gossett for cover image