Saturday, 11 September 2010

Psych Crackle & Pop 17

PSYCH CRACKLE & POP 17   66-71
Let the music come inside...

1. Let the music come inside   Jerry Corbitt 
2. Here today, gone tomorrow   The Plague 
3. Russian spy and I   The Regents 
4. Super dooper trooper   The Canterbury Music festival
5. News   The Guise 
6. October Country   October Country 
7. Mr Partridge passed away today   Fortes Mentum 
8. Warwick Town   Bill Fay & Honeybus 
9. Tic Toc   Scots of St James 
10. Wind me up and I dance   Twinn Connexion 
11.Glue   New Juggler Sound 
12 Moving in a circle   Executives
13. Oo chang a lang   The Blue Orchids
14. Whisper her name (Maria Lane)   Ice 
15. Breadbox   Reign Ghost 
16. Cried   Brave New World 
17. Anything but lies   Nightshadow 
18. Look at the lights go up   Hop Scotch 
19. Night of the lions   Mark Eric 
20. Want-Ad reader   New Breed
21. Elevator operator   Crome Syrcus 
22. Mr Guy Fawkes   Dave Miller Set

Big thanks to Emma Peel (The cover star)
and Photographer Angela McConnell