Wednesday, 12 May 2010


As many people know quite a few of these blogs are being closed down or have had their links removed. So its possible that one day this blog might suffer the same fate.
Ive just set up a facebook group. So feel free to join as I may start to put the links for compilations on there.

Also many people have e-mailed and said they've had trouble leaving comments. So the facebook page might be a better option

Self made god
1. What you gonna do about it   The Evils
2. There was a time  Lazy Smoke
3. Baby   Tracy Rogers
4. New Orleans (Mardi Gras)   Southwind
5. Time to say goodbye   The Martells
6. Apple Cider   Five By Five
7. Turn another page   Powder
8. Making love to him   Tim Andrews & Paul Korda
9. Sallys line   The Fourmyula
10. Who knows   Live Five
11. You turned your back on me   Scott Bedlam Four
12. Billy goat capricorn lover   Joshua Fox
13. Play your game   The Unfolding
14. 14. Green plant   Cherry Smash
15. Whatcha gonna do   The Mersey lads
16. Hold my hand   Rokes
17. Ive been lost   Sunny & Pjyllis
18. Vacuum   Puff
19. Just another dream   Sunnygoode Street
20. Self made God   The Brigade
21. Changes in our time   Colin Giffin
Compiled and mixed by Bobbypsych1


Monday, 3 May 2010


Turn to earth
1. You're against   The D Coys
Zippy Aussie guitar pop in a similar style to Easybeats
2. Falling leaves   Studio Six
flip of Strawberry Window. Polydor 1967
3. Comin on down   The Twilights
Brilliant Apocalyptic psych visions of the future. Columbia 1968 (Aus)
4. Outta reach   She
All female band from Sacramento 1970. Vocalist sounds like Patti Smith's younger sister !
5. With all in mind   Clear Light
Fave track from a their often over looked album. Power-pop with country-psych tinges. 1967
6. Radio city   Loot
Great flip of the UK Page One single 'Try to keep it a secret' 1969
7. Uptown down   Shotgun Wedding
Don't know much about this great folky number. Any clues 1968 (?)
8. Step outside your mind   Kool
9. My Mind (demo)   The Misunderstood
A band so good that even their demos are earth shattering 1966
10.Its a good thing   Think
11.Peculiar hole in the sky   The Easybeats
Big budget. flawless psych-pop. Recorded in 67
12. My time   Golden Dawn
1968. Top Texan Acid venom from Power Plant album
13. Going going gone   Phil Wainman
Phil Wainmains buggering off anthem is barely pysch but he's got massive drums and I like them. 1968 Fontana
14. In and out   Robin Kingsley
Tower Records. Has the sound of a ramshakle 'Sir Douglas Quintet covering a early Kinks album track
15. Infiltrate your mind   Perpetual Motion Workshop 
Their only brilliant single. Rally Records 1967
16. Smokey springtime   The Doves
Not the turgid Indie band of today but a group who manged to cram a albums worth of ideas into 3 minutes of superb pop-psych
17.Girl of my kind   The Bumble Bees
B side 1967
18. Sunshine   Dick Wagner And The Frosts
Beefy Sun homage with a light sprinkling of acid. 1969 Date records.
19. Some more   Funkadelic
A soul/funk outfit record a album on acid...
'I've got headache in my heart, heartache in my head' from  1971
20. Such a long long time   Kangaroo
21. Tomorrow never knows   The Mirage
It was never likely to be good as original but piano solo and harmonies keep it interesting. 1966
22. Lights   Kim Fowley
23. Memories   Red Dirt
24. I want to go back there again    Bill Kenwright & the runaways
Columbia 1967
25. Turn to earth   Al Stewart
Sublime piece of British Psychedelia. This arrangement takes a fairly standard Yardbirds track to another stratosphere. Play loud

Thanks to Yvonne Mckeown for Dick Wanger track