Sunday, 16 October 2011


Know that it’s happenin’...
1. Some people said   Guy Whatelet
2. Thread of time   The Scenery
3. Lamp Lighter    Paul Nicholas
4. Tropicana   Black Velvet
5. Deep inside your mind   Keith Shields
6. So much   Little Phil And The Night Shadows
7. I’ve Got To Get To Know You   The Ghost
8. The Secret   Merlin Q
9. Just In Case You Wonder   The Ugly Ducklings
10. Antwerp   Mad Curry
11. Come Down   The Common Cold
12. Workin’ for my baby   Lenis guess
13. Rosie   Jim Sullivan
14. I’m Aware   Knack
15. Too Old To Go ‘Way Little Girl   The Shame
16. Reflections Of A Sun Freakout   Blues Men
17. Zig Zag Man   Flower Pot
18. The Clarietta rag   Kevin Ayers
19. When will you come through   Lost And Found
20. Must I cry   Golden Earring
21. Thinking About My Life   
Simon Dupree & The Big Sound
22. Know that it’s happenin’   Stan Devereaux
23. (As, I went down to) Jerusalem   The Hello People
24. These Days   Nico

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