Thursday, 14 January 2010


1. Ask the people  Denny Laine’s String band
How Mr Laine didn't score a Top 20 with this tracks A-side 'Say you dont mind' is one of 1967's biggest mysteries

2. Henry Long  The Epics
A light hearted ditty about a chap who gets arrested for exposing himself him public. A flip side for their 1968 single Travelling circus.

3. Remember what you said  Group Therapy
A super powered Psych-Soul stomper from their 'Youre in need of Group Therapy' LP 1969.

4. Feathered fish  Sons of Adam
Legendary Garage-psych anthem penned by Arthur Lee. Ive given it a little push sonically 1966

5. Eiderdown Clown  The Scots of St James 
Bouncy duvet frivolity from Scottish journeymen. 1967

6. Room with a view  Young Idea
Joyful melodic English pop-psych. Not a trace of acid. MFP 1968

7. Me and my kite  Fuchsia 
Ok so this is 1971. But its too good to overlook. It conjures up images of a early 70's British children's film

8. Baby’s rich  The Gods
Featuring a young pre-Stones Mick Taylor

9. Slow down   The Sweet
Yes its the 'Sweet' of soon to be Glam Rock stardom. Produced by the highly collectable Phil Wainman. 1968

10. Contental hestitation  Rifkin
Not sure what Continental Hestitation entails but 'Rifkin' make it sound exciting.
"How about some Leyton Oriental mystery? Page One records 1968

11. Moodbeams  The Magical Mixture
From their album 'This is magic mixture' for the budget Saga label 1968. No doubt recorded in a couple of takes. That's the charm.

12. Phone me Robb & Dean Douglas
1.51 minute slab of Mod-pysch fun from the Deram Label 1968

13. Ornamental sideshow  Witchita Falls
Wonderful melancholic Harpsicord psych. Imperial records 1969

14. One minute woman  Jackie Lomax
Beatles cohort Jackie gets soulful. Penned by the brothers Gibb. 1967

15. Im beside myself  Frabjoy & Runcible Spoon
Well crafted acoustic pop with country tinges. Performed and written by Manchester's Godley and Gouldman. Marmalade Records 1969

16. Dance around Julie  Doughnut Ring
Bordering on a bad bubblegum record but then salvaged by a bridge reminisent of Kalidescope's silly Jenny Artichoke. A Peter Eden production for Deram

17. Just the same as you  Knut Kieswetter
Angry stomper from Germany's Mr Kiesewetter

18. Sunday morning Five day week straw people
Big reverb and a feel bordering on late 80's early 90's shoegaze. Another highly collectable offering from the budget Saga label 1967

19. Come alive  Things to come
I Know little about this band other than they were from California and cut his this brilliant menacing psych single.warner brothers 67

20. The line of least resistance  The Reign
Nice track penned by Keith Relf and Jim McCarty. Featuring the guitar work of Robin Le Mesurier (Son of Hattie Jacques and John Le Mersurier !) Regal Zonophone 1970

21. How do you feel  Harsh Reality
Blues tinged dramatic Traffic-esque flip side. Phillips 1968

22.  Dazed and confused  Jake Holmes
Ill avoid rambling about the injustice of Led Zeppelins 're-working' of this track ( Suffice to say their's is bloated shit by comparison. 1967

23. Cold dreary morning  Jan Ashton
Vejtables drummer Jan Aston records a truly great and sadly negelected single for Autumn records. We're a cold, dreary people; we're a drab, crabby bunch..  

24. Long hair soulful  Bhagavad Gita
Ok its a bit long, but has hypnotic hook, sad lyrics and nice bursts of feedback. Philips US 1967

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