Tuesday, 16 February 2010


My Minds At Ease
1. Can’t break the habit Ferris Wheel
2. Gold is the colour of thought The Smoke (U.S)
3. Land of Diana  Freeborne
4. Stamping machine  July
5. I feel free  The Zig zag paper co
6. Candle to burn  Mojo
7. She’s a rainbow  The  Glass Menagerie 
8. Dude  Pappy’s Haunted House
9. I lied to auntie may  The Neat change
10. Run shaker life  Paul Nicholas
11. My minds at ease  Collage
12. I.m so sad  The Magical Mixture
13. Nursery Rhyme  Pleasure Fair
14. Aint it babe Charity Shayne
15. Dream with me  Jacobson & Tansley
16. It’s all a put on Onyx
17.The Race  Christopher
18. Time isnt there anymore  Stone Country
19. Red purple & blue  The Bag
20. Dont hesitate Val McKenna
21. Hot smoke and Sasafrass  The Mooches 
22. Look to the wind  Leslie West
23. Mum and dad Pinkerton’s Colours
24. Hatfiled junction  The Wrest
25. Nightmares  Free expression