Thursday, 10 February 2011


Hello all
Sorry for my absence. With this comp I wanted to scoop up some interesting tracks from the 'beat' period just before psych. In many respects the period 63-66 was the most exciting in terms of emerging new talent, original ideas and musical progression. This culminated in the pop singles creative peak in 1965-67.

These tracks don't attempt to represent musical peaks. But just as a reminder of some wonderful records that have fallen through the cracks. This is not a garage comp (there are many blogs with a much better grasp of the genre). 

Its a compilation of personal faves and tracks of interest the came before the psych era. I originally intended it to be british artists only, but kept stumbling across great tracks from the US

Sorry if its all a bit random. But as always I just want to create an enjoyable listen...
Normal service will be resumed with Psych Crackle and Pop Vol 19 shortly...


Beat Crackle & Pop 1963-66
Find out what's happening...
1. Well alright  The People
2. Three rooms with running water  Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers
3. One fine day   Shel Naylor
4. So sad about us   The Merseys
5. I could feel the whole world turn around   The Shotgun Express
6. Find out whats happening   Tiffany and the thoughts
7. Heart   The Two of clubs
8. I wont be the same without her   Warner Brothers
9. Make up or break up   Michael Leslie
10. Drop everything and run   Thane Russal
11. Thats too bad   The Soup greens
12. Jump back   Chicago Line
13. The long cigarette   The Roulettes
14. At times like this   Nothing
15. Deck Five   Saturday’s Children
16. Watch your step   Steve Francis
17.  You got what I want    Boys Blue
18. My way of thinking   Randy and the Radiants
19. You just cant win   Them
20. Talkin’ about you   The Redcaps
21. Night comes down   The Mickey Finn
22. Hear me a drummer man   Phil Wainman
23. Ill go crazy   Zoot Money
24. Sing Hallelujah   The Remo Four
25. Curtains   The Shotgun Express


NOTE - this link had been changed. The tracks on the previous link my not have been named properly. This is has been corrected. Use this new link


  1. Great collection! Thanks :-)

    Are there any chance of a reupload for the album PSYCH CRACKLE & DANCE - Special edition ?



  2. Worth it just for the awesome highly armed pic.

  3. This comp is kind of completely awesome. More of this whenever you feel like it. Golly.


  4. That'd be the Shotgun Express on the cover then. You can see what the marketing people did very clever. Still a lot coller than Rod became later.

    Looking forward to trying out the new improved link. Awesome work and the covers make things extra good.

  5. Curiouser and curioser said Alice.

    √Ć wanted to make a copy of this on CD as I've done with some of your other mixes and my burning software says its not valid music files. They play fine on my computer through winamp. I wodner is it to do with the sample rate as the files in this one were done at 48hz (and were 320kbps) but the ones which burnt onto CD ok were at 44 (and were 240kbps).

  6. Any way of a link for PSYCH CRACKLE & DANCE 65-70 - and many thanks for this Beat special.

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  8. Hi Bob, Do you know anything more about the Warner Bros (no relation to the record company giants)?,also this is a fascinating cover of the same song that Monkees feature on their album 'Instant Replay' written by Goffin & King no less, as a number of their best songs were. I'd love to know more, if you can provide the same?

  9. Really like this comp! Thanks!